Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I watched this years ago and I guess I'm a masochist myself cause here I am watching it again and you know what? I actually liked it alright this time around. It's still too long, there's not enough nudity and the story is kind silly, but it was entertaining in a late night cable softcore S&M kind of way.

A director of adult films is scheduled to make a whipping video, but at the last moment his female talent bails so now he desperately goes out on the street and asks a passing girl if she'd be in the video. She agrees and when the video catches the eye of a local masochist rich dude (played by Renji Ishibashi) he will stop at nothing to get her to perform at his club because he can see in her eyes that she is a "true sadist"...or something like that. It's all too confusing for it's own good. I seriously doubt anybody who rents something called SPANKING LOVE is looking for a story. They're probably looking for some kinky spanking shit to go down. Well, they're going to be disappointed cause despite the subject matter there's only a limited amount of nudity and none of the S&M shit is erotic at all. The main scene at the beginning actually had me giggling cause the dude doing the whipping gets so fucking wound up he actually misses the girl a lot and ends up just beating the crap out of an old mattress!

The main satisfaction I got out of the movie was watching Renji Ishibashi completely throw himself into the role including multiple shoe licking scenes and even making out with another dude!!! That turned my stomach a little seeing he tongue zipping in and out of the other dudes mouth but whatever.

Good for a laugh, but not a jack. Watch THE JAPANESE WIFE NEXT DOOR instead.
Renji Ishibashi kissing another dude!!!