Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well, I'm gonna get some hate mail about this one cause I have no fucking idea why this film has such a cult following. The pace is slow, the women are hideous (the main chick was OK), the special effects are laughable, the story is silly and the music will drill a hole into your brain with it's repetitiveness it's repetitiveness.

A reporter is serving time on a fake drug charge because she found out too much about the local DA. The guards pester her, then four male prisoners take over the prison do some off screen rapin' then have a shoot out. The End and I didn't give a shit about anything for the entire movie.

The DVD I have says "uncut" on it, so I was really surprised at how tame this movie was. Yea there was violence, but it was so fake looking and goofy that nobody outside of a child would even take this movie seriously. Show this to a theater full of normal people and they would all laugh at it or simply fall asleep. Is this DVD really "uncut"?! I can't believe that's true.

Maybe somebody will give me a legitimate reason why this film has such a following, but as it stand I cannot recommend it at all. That cover on the VHS is pretty badass though...