Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I rented this thinking it was going to be a gay porno/drama about a TV evangelist who's called in to "degay" a world famous gay bodybuilder by laying hands on him and speaking in tongues, but it's not that at all! It's actually a fun little documentary about a "Hands on a Hard Body" contest where a bunch of hillbillies stand around a truck with one hand on it until everybody gives up and there's only one left. The winner gets the truck.

That might sound boring, but it was actually kind of exciting with the introduction of 24 contestants who naturally all, at the beginning, were talking shit and going on about their full proof plan on how they were going to win and everybody else sucked. Then as the clock ticked away so did the players one by one dropping off like flies. Some by exhaustion and others by sheer stupidity. Finally after two days latched by a invisible force to this truck people started getting fucking loopy. It was a fascinating experiment on human nature and all the strange changes your body goes through when you start putting it in extreme conditions.

Looked on Google and found a story about some guy in 2005, who right around the 48 hour mark, left, broke into a nearby Kmart, grabbed a shotgun and killed himself! Holy fuck! LOL. That sounds crazy, but definitely believable cause there was one girl in this movie who left the truck, couldn't even talk and just walked off down the road like a deranged zombie.

If you can find a copy, it's a great watch. I wish they would make this into a TV show.