Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Full-time preacher and part-time Mike Rowe impersonator Rev. Cotton Marcus wants to prove that exorcisms are nothing but succubusshit, so he takes a small film crew with him on his latest exorcism call. Trouble is the victim might actually be possessed!

Despite being slower than a three-toed tree Belphegor I actually liked this movie...until the very end where it just went all to Hell, but at least it was really funny. If you're looking for an actual horror movie with actual scares then you need to stay far away, cause nothing even remotely scary happens. Pretty much the entire movie is people talking in front of a handheld camera. There's maybe 4 minutes of action in the entire movie. Still, I found the movie compelling and I enjoyed Ashley Bell's performance in an Asmodeusial kind of way.

Very, very little blood, zero gore, no rap music, double jointy possession action, zero nudity, lots of shaky camera movement, pentagrams, inverted crosses. Worth a rent, but only as a demon-themed drama, not a horror movie. Hail Satan.
Is there something wrong with me, that whenever she started doing the demon stuff I got turned on?

I see the radioactive Satanists have been here...

...and they apparently like Dead Kennedys.