Monday, January 3, 2011


What the fuck is the point of this movie? On the one hand you have the police investigating the case of a Rape Machine that's going around raping women in dark alleys and then on the other hand you have a sad story about a old man who was raised by a maid-droid and now, many decades later, her batteries have gone dead so the old man spends his last lonely days talking to the inanimate robot shell and being extremely depressing. Then out of nowhere there's a long scene in the middle about a guy testing out a illegally modified sexbot that ends up exploding his dick. It's all so discombobulated.

The stuff about the Rape Machine sounds great, but it was horrible because it looks so goddamn shitty. The pervert test driving the sexbot was humorous, but not erotic. Finally the story about the old man pining away over his lifelong partner having a dead battery was actually touching and surprisingly thought provoking. The entire movie should have just been this story and the other stuff trashed. The girl who played the maid did a great job as did the older man, but I cannot recommend this movie. The filmmakers really dropped the ball because they had the makings of a good movie but instead they shot off in multiple directions for no reason.

Fair amount of tits, but it's not erotic. Only the actual maid scenes are hot, but they're over too quickly. There's no way anybody could jack off this this. Skip it.