Friday, January 7, 2011


I'm not an expert on zombie movies, but I think this might be the first instance of zombies that can not only use guns and other weapons, but also fly airplanes and even start a lawnmower! A mysterious airplane lands at the airport and like a fucking clown car at the circus an endless stream of pissed off zombies emerge and start attacking everybody in sight. Before long the horde has rampaged all over the city and started multiplying. A reporter and his doctor wife drive around all over the joint getting attacked nonstop.

The makeup looks like shit and the special effects are crap, but NIGHTMARE CITY is still very entertaining mainly because it never lets up. The entire movie is just one long ridiculous action scene. Pretty much the entire story is the dildo and his wife running around all over the place acting like morons, but still somehow managing to stay alive.

You'll probably forget the entire movie within a month of watching it, but it's fun and you'll get a lot of laughs out of it: terrible acting; zombies standing directly in front of the camera posing; a random dog literally playing with the zombies; the stupidity of the two main characters; female nipple cut off, the horrible makeup; multiple times people standing still then suddenly jumping into action; woman's head exploding then in the next shot she's dead with just a little bloody spot on her forehead; Mel Ferrer saying "Aim for the brain!"; a zombie getting beat up by a guy using a blanket for a weapon; a TV that for no reason explodes into a huge fireball; the completely random harpoon gun and much more. Check it out for a laugh.