Monday, January 17, 2011


Of the hundreds of pirate-themed musicals made in Australia during the 1980's THE PIRATE MOVIE is the wackiest, the most romantic, the only one to feature an octopus playing an electric guitar and the best.

Fredric (without a "k") was raised by pirates but when he meets Mabel (also without a "k") he instantly falls in love and leaves the pirate life behind him. His pirate family isn't happy about this and devises a plan to get him back. This plan features a lot of singing. At the same time Fredric devises a plan to steal Mabel's family's treasure back from the pirates. This plan features a lot of singing. Shit goes down and finally the cops are called in, yes...singing cops.

I love this movie. At first the bizarre one liners and dreamy delivery kind of throw you off, but then you get into it and it's wonderful. I'm not sure why this movie developed such a horrible reputation. The retards over at Golden Raspberry Awards (whatever the fuck that is) voted this movie to have the "Worst Musical Score" the year it came out. WTF? The musical numbers are great and really catchy! Also, I've never really thought much about Kristy McNichol, but she's beautiful here and very funny. Christopher Atkins is also hunky, if you're into that sort of thing.

If you like the 80's and/or you love campy musicals then you need to check out THE PIRATE MOVIE. It's corny as fuck, but it's also very sweet and a lot of fun. "Tarantara! Tarantara!" to all the motherfuckers who don't like this movie.