Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Donald Pleasence and Nancy Allen sit in a theater full of annoying fucks and narrate over a bunch of horror and thriller movie clips. Despite the movie selection being all mainstream stuff TERROR IN THE AISLES is a quick and fun introduction to pre-1984 horror. I've already seen all of the movies shown, but I still enjoyed the entire movie. It's "all killer, no filler" as some dorks might be inclined to say.

Most of the movies selected are exactly what you would expect (THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, HALLOWEEN, THE EXORCIST), but there's a few oddballs that make no sense: NIGHTHAWKS, FAHRENHEIT 451, MIDNIGHT EXPRESS and TO CATCH A THIEF. WTF?

If you're a horror fan then it's worth checking out. The actual stuff shown in the theater probably takes up less than 5 minutes, but the clips are a fun trip down memory lane.

Update: TERROR IN THE AISLES is now available as an extra on the beautiful HALLOWEEN II Blu-Ray!