Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Four yutes, wearing what look like Grandpa masks from the original TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, film themselves going around dry humping trash cans and mailboxes and trees and concrete walls and refrigerators and dumpsters and anything else they can clamp onto. They also dance around and destroy shit. At 30 minutes this would have been hilarious, but at 78 it gets old. Especially the scenes where everybody is just standing around doing nothing. There is no plot or story, the entire thing is made to look like, I guess found footage, that was filmed on an old VHS camera.

I like the concept and I'm a fan of Harmony, but TRASH HUMPERS comes off as if he's trying too hard to be different. But at least it's better than MORDUM which was pretty much the same film except that it went waaaaaaay over the top and made me want to commit exploding every nuclear bomb on the planet at once.

Plus points for being different, minus points for not being that original at being different.