Monday, January 31, 2011


There's so many wonderful movies out there that I haven't reviewed, but yet I waste my time with junk like ZOMBIE 4: AFTER DEATH. I have to have a mental problem...but at least I laugh a lot, because that's all this movie is fucking good for: laughing at it!

This is a complete guess at the story since I never fully figured it out: a bunch of people run around while being chased by zombies. The End. I should also note that the zombies actually looked more like burnt ninjas than actual zombies because for some reason all of the zombies wore full body black clothing and jumped around nonstop like grasshoppers. The death scenes were laughable, the special effects were terrible, zero nudity, zero gore, lots and lots of vomiting, a gay porn star as the main actor, slow walking zombies, gun shooting zombies, running like a scalded ass ape zombies, talking zombies, jumping zombies. Tons of laughs, but zero scares. My advice is to avoid this funny turd, but if you insist on seeing it then just rent it.
Why would anybody ever need that many pockets on a vest? What could you possibly put in there?