Wednesday, March 16, 2011

200 POUND BEAUTY (2006)

At first glance you might think this was a Korean version of SHALLOW HAL, but it actually has nothing to do with that storyline at all and it's a better movie. The film opens with Ha-na (the extraordinarily beautiful Kim Ah-Joong in fat makeup) as a 200 beast with a kind heart and the voice of an angel. Because of her monstrous size she's regulated to being the secret voice of pop sensation Ah-mi. While sexy Ah-mi performs onstage Ha-na sings down below the stage. Things wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the fact she's secretly in love with Ah-mi's producer/boyfriend Sang-jun.

As fate would have it, Ha-na makes ends meet by being a phone sex operator and one of her most loyal customers is a world famous plastic surgeon, so one day after an excruciating event at a party Ha-na goes to the surgeon and blackmails him into performing a full body rebuild. And rebuild he does! Holy shit. Ha-na goes from being a hideous seadonkey into being one of the hottest females on the goddamn planet!!! So now with her new secret identity (Jenny) and new body she goes out to win over Sang-jun.

Of course there's way more to it then that, my favorite moments being when she goes out in public with her new body and guys are just literally falling over themselves to be nice to her. It was really funny, especially the guy who's car she runs into. He screaming and cussing and bleeding all over the place, but then when he sees her for the first time he starts asking her if she's OK and then apologizing for being in her way...even though he was sitting at a red light.

As usual for Korean comedies (or at least the ones I've seen), the funny first half gives way to a serious second half, but it was still enjoyable.  Like when Sang-jun can't understand how Jenny can be so understanding and forgiving to her stalker who's madly in love with her...she's understands because she was once in his shoes back when she was gigantic.

As far as Korean romance films go I liked 200 POUND BEAUTY a lot and can't wait to see the sequel which is rumored to be about her fat kid! WTF? Hahahaha. Definitely worth checking out (but it still doesn't even hold a candle to MY SASSY GIRL). Also I enjoyed Kim Ah-Joong's performance so much that I'm seriously thinking about finding a copy of her TV show "The Accidental Couple" which sounds pretty funny.