Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hyuk-jin is heartbroken over a recent break-up with his girlfriend so his buddies, during a night of drinking, decide to cheer him up by going on a trip to stay at a cottage in a mountain town for some drinking and relaxation. The next day Hyuk-jin takes the bus to the town, but when he gets there none of his friends have showed up because they're still passed out from all the partying the night before. Now alone, with no friends and with nothing but a broken heart Hyuk-jin starts walking to clear his mind.

At nearly two hours I originally thought this movie was too long. A lot of the scenes seemed to drag on forever, but then as it kept going and going I realized that maybe the filmmakers were trying to convey Hyuk-jin's despair and loneliness...or maybe I'm just giving the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt. Either way I liked this film and the ending was perfect, because even after 116 minutes I suddenly wanted more!

If you're a patient film watcher then I think you'll like DAYTIME DRINKING. There's no explosions or time-traveling Satanists, but I really liked the character of Hyuk-jin and felt sorry for all of his bad luck and even worse decision making.

As far as I can tell this is the only film writer, director, actor, cinematographer, producer, editor, composer, sound and production designer Young-Seok Noh has ever made. Hopefully one day he will bless us again with another film as intimate as this one.