Wednesday, June 8, 2011

THE FLY (1986)

Jeff Goldblum is a loner scientist who secretly creates a working matter transporter. It works fine on inanimate objects and even smaller animals, but he's never tried it on a human. One night after getting all butthurt over his girlfriend he strips down completely asshole naked and successfully transports himself...and a house fly that accidentally got inside the pod. That's probably why you should put your matter transporter in a Class 1 clean room.

Even worse is the computer controlling the transporter is so fucking stupid that instead of Goldblum absorbing the fly it fucking genetically splices his DNA and the fly's. Stupid computer! At first he doesn't realize what's happening and just thinks that his new found super strength and ability to hop all around the place like a acrobat is just a positive benefit of being recreated in the transporter. Soon though he starts to think differently, like when he has to vomit acid on his food before slurping it up and when his arms and legs fall off. Throughout all of this the world's most dedicated girlfriend sticks by him and tries to help him, but he turns into a complete asshole and she eventually bails.  He's not happy about that.

For 1986 the special effects are pretty impressive, especially the slow Goldblum/fly transformation. The story's kinda boring. I was really hoping for something a little less straightforward. Even though this version was an updated remake of the 1958 original I'd like to see yet another remake that takes the story even further! For what it is though, it's an entertaining film, but not as raw as I had hoped. Worth renting.