Wednesday, June 15, 2011


SILVER BULLET is a really fun and unique werewolf movie. The script by Stephen King, based on his wonderful short novel, is fresh and alive and is as much a coming-of-age story as it is a werewolf story. Plus it's not too scary so kids will enjoy it also.

A pre-LOST BOYS Corey Haim lives with his family in the small city of Tarker's Mill. His legs are fucked so he's in a wheelchair, but his crazy Uncle Red (played by the balls out Gary Busey) has made him a badass wheelchair that he can haul ass up and down the street with. Life is pretty idyllic in Tarker's Mill. That is until people started getting murdered off in brutal ways. After the first few murders a curfew is put into place but that doesn't stop the bloodshed. Corey's involvement with the werewolf comes when one night he comes face to face with the werewolf! It's a very thrilling scene and every time I watch this movie it still gets me all excited. Anyway, so now it's up to him and his older sister (ANNE OF GREEN GABLES' Megan Follows) to find out exactly who the werewolf is.

One thing that I really like about this film is it does a great job (in a very quick time) of capturing the feel of the city's population from their initial happiness all the way through concern, fear, anger and terror. Also Corey Haim is great. There's a few moments where he genuinely looks terrified. The supporting cast is also top-notch including THE STEPFATHER himself Terry O'Quinn and Big Ed Hurley from "Twin Peaks" Everett McGill. And let's not forget first time director Daniel Attias who has since gone on to direct episodes of a bunch of my favorite TV shows including "Big Love", "Deadwood", "Six Feet Under" and the almighty "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

If you're looking for some not too scary or violent horror movies for your kids I think SILVER BULLET is an excellent choice. The is some blood and a few scary kills, but there's zero nudity and only a few cuss words. Double feature it with CRITTERS!