Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Three down-on-their-luck old ladies have to resort to shoplifting to save up money to purchase tickets for their Hawaii dream vacation. While at a bank depositing their ill-gotten funds the bank is robbed and their money stolen. The three women are heartbroken and decide the only way to get the money is to rob a bank themselves.

TWILIGHT GANGSTERS is an occasionally funny film with three delightful leads, but I wish the filmmakers had made the grannies more sympathetic. I think the audience would have a better connection with them if they were say unjustly kicked out of their home and/or had to rob a bank to get money for a friend's life-saving surgery instead of three shoplifters who just want money to go on a vacation! Anyway, I liked the film and while I never laughed out loud I did find a number of scenes to be humorous.

Worth a watch, but it's nothing life changing. It could have been much better.
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