Saturday, September 29, 2012

AIRPORT 1975 (1974)

Considering the success of the original AIRPORT film I'm kinda surprised that it took them 4 years to make a sequel, but they did and it's...alright.  The star studded cast makes things enjoyable to look at, but the character development is badly written and many of the stars (Loy especially) are wasted in weak roles.

Instead of a bomber blowing a hole in the airplane shitter, the pilot of a small aircraft (the great Dana Andrews) has a heart attack and smashes into the cockpit of the 747 creating a large gash and fucking the flight crew all to Hell.  Now it's up to that no acting Karen Black to fly the plane until superstud Charlton Heston can be lowered in on a wire to save the day.  Along the way there's all kinds of drama including a sick Linda Blair needing a new kidney, a woman who smuggles a dog onto the plane, Erik Estrada wanting to bang the new stewardess, crazy 70's fashions, screaming, a couple of drunks getting rowdy, a sick Linda Blair, a purple sofa, Sid Caesar trying to get up into Myrna Loy's guts, a nun playing a guitar, George Kennedy yelling a lot and so on.

Worth a watch, but really not that memorable.  I really missed Burt Lancaster.  They had Swanson playing herself, so I'm kinda surprised that they didn't have Loy also play herself and have them seated together talking nonstop about the Golden Days of Hollywood.  That would have been awesome!!!!  Hell, the airplane could have never left the runaway and it would have been the greatest movie ever!  Also why in the Hell did the filmmakers have Charlton Heston and his PLANET OF THE APES co-star Linda Harrison in the same film, but not have them in a scene together?  What a ball drop.  Hell, they should have had her in Karen Black's role.

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If my Classic Hollywood memory serves me correctly both Grace Moore and the great Carole Lombard died in plane crashes.  Weird.

Large Marge!!!