Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'd never seen an AIRPORT movie before starting these series a few days ago.  I knew the first few films were wildly successful and kick-started the whole disaster boom of the 70's so I was kinda curious as to why they only made four films and just didn't continue the series indefinitely since it looks to be an endless goldmine.  I still think the AIRPORT series could have gone on, but after seeing Part 4 I can understand why they ended it when they did.  First off the star power is completely gone, but even more importantly (and maybe why there wasn't any star power to begin with) is the story is complete rubbish.

You got a Concorde flying from Washington D. C. to Moscow.  On board is the reporter girlfriend of a aerospace big shot.  She has evidence that's he's been illegally selling arms to enemies of the US.  So naturally the only thing he can do is launch a high tech missile at the airplane, but oh, that's just the beginning cause he also has a fighter jet attack the plane and then has a maintenance guy sabotage one of the doors to open in mid flight!!!  I can't get much further into the story without giving it all away, but, trust me, it's just fucking insane the shit that goes on in this movie.  Even worse is it's all very badly written, yet somehow screenwriter Eric Roth went on to write the adapted script for FORREST GUMP!  So let that be a lesson to you: my Mama always said you've got to put the past behind you before you can move on.  

The only reason I can think of to watch this long-winded disaster is to laugh at it.  The story is junk, the special effects are horrible and the acting is garbage.  Skip it.  And that's all I have to say about that.

Part 1 - Airport
Part 2 - Airport 1975
Part 3 - Airport '77

Are you fucking kidding me?!!!  You're gonna put one of the greatest actresses of all time in a throwaway role as a hooker bedding George Kennedy!!!  Uggghhh.

Probably the lowest point of Ed Begley Jr.'s career.