Saturday, December 1, 2012


One year after brutalizing Virginia Mayo in WHITE HEAT James Cagney teams up with her again and this time they're a musical couple (he's a Broadway director and she's his assistant) hired to help put on a show at West Point.  Stuff happens and next thing you know 51-year-old Cagney is a cadet at West Point!  And if that's not bad enough his lead star falls in love with Doris Day and wants to quit so he can marry her.

I got a kick out of THE WEST POINT least the first two acts.  Towards the end it gets a little bogged down in the patriotism/love conquers all stuff but even then it's not as bad as you would expect.  Through out it all though Cagney is excellent.  His one-liners were funny, his facial expressions perfect and his physicality hilarious (I especially liked his angry jumps and his happy dance that looked like Porky Pig).  And let's not forget Virginia Mayo and Doris Day.  Both beautiful and both a joy to watch...and listen to as well.  Doris Day blows all the other singers out of the water.  I was also surprised by Virginia's amazing dancing skills.  I had no idea she was so talented!

Not the greatest musical I've ever seen (SINGIN' IN THE RAIN), but still a lot of fun to watch and I would gladly watch it again.  Recommended.