Friday, January 11, 2013


Woody and Bee are two wanna be tough guys who do nothing all day but walk around an indoor mall hooting at girls, playing video games in their crappy bootleg video store and occasionally running light errands for a local hood.  Life is pretty boring.  That is until an evil soda that turns people into zombies gets loose!  That always seems to liven up the day.  It worked in SURF II.  So now, locked in a mall after hours with a rising population of zombies Woody and Bee have no choice but to run around a lot, scream even more, but still take time to make observations about women's breast.

DAWN OF THE DEAD it's not, but it is a fun film and surprisingly innovative in both the cinematography and story.  Nerd zombie in love with girl has her eat human meat to convince the other zombies that she's one of them, video game style onscreen pop ups, pipe with faucet weapon to drain blood, cordless drill into mouth, Woody handcuffed to a gigantic computer monitor and when they find the key Bee accidentally drops the key into a zombie's mouth.

BIOZOMBIE isn't scary or a gorefest or a masterpiece of zombie cinema, but it's still an enjoyable least the first half, it kinda slows down towards the end.  Worth a watch if you're a zombie fan.