Saturday, March 9, 2013


Made at the height of the teen sex comedy boom of the early 80's this Roger Corman produced comedy is so over the top that it's almost like a parody of other films like PORKY'S, H.O.T.S. and FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH.

Five male students of Taft & Adams High School (T&A get it?) make a pack that they are gonna see the hottest girl in school's tits before school is out.  Problem is the girl, Purity Busch, is a total tease.  So for the rest of the movie it's pretty much like a live action cartoon as these nerds pull off one absurd plan after another to see her topless.  A few examples would be hypnotism, posing as a teacher, hiding in the sand at the beach, sneaking into her house and so on.  Of course, when they're not chasing Purity Busch they take out time to get busy at the drive-in, play strip bowling with some girls and go to a strip club.

As far as 80's teen sex comedies go SCREWBALLS is not too bad.  The comedy is often more confusing than actually funny and very lowbrow (example: when an overweight girl gets horny there's a pig squealing sound effect played), but there is a nice amount of nudity.  Unfortunately, we never get to see any nudity from the main chick.  According to the commentary her topless scene was done by a stand in.  Fucking lame.

Worth checking out if you're into 80's sex comedies.  Also what was the time period of the story?  It almost seems like it was set in the 60's and at other times even the 50's, but at the drive-in they showed clips from two movies from the 70's?  Bizarre.