Thursday, March 7, 2013


When some undercover spies, involved in a plot to take over a Soviet nuclear missile are in need of a distraction, two bumbling low-ranking government workers are quickly made into "spies" and thrown in the field...without being told they are just cannon fodder.

I haven't seen SPIES LIKE US since I was a kid, but it's held up very well.  Aykroyd and Chase playing off each other is fun to watch and the spies stuff is ridiculous, but still entertaining.  Quick pace, non-boring story, Vanessa Angel in her very first role looking incredibly hot, good comedic timing, 80's fashions, 80's humor, charming 80's special effects, zero nudity but a few stellar bra shots, John Landis before he lost his mojo, nice budget with some nice looking scenes and a impressive supporting cast including Steve Forrest, the beautiful Donna Dixon, Bernie Casey, Bruce Davison, Frank Oz, William Prince, Charles McKeown, Terry Gilliam and a bunch more including cameos by Bob Hope, Ray Harryhausen, B.B. King, Joel Coen, Sam Raimi, etc.  Recommended.