Saturday, April 13, 2013


Some people get PRETTY IN PINK mixed up with SIXTEEN CANDLES.  If this happens to you just remember that SIXTEEN CANDLES is the funny romantic comedy whereas PRETTY IN PINK is the kinda downer romantic drama.  Also SIXTEEN CANDLES has Long Duk Dong "Ohh, sexy girlfriend!"

Poor (literally) Molly Ringwald lives on the wrong side of the tracks, but for whatever reason still gets to go to high school with the wealthy preppies.  The lead alpha male preppy (James Spader) wants to bang Molly, but she always tells him to fuck off.  Enter the sensitive preppy (Andrew McCarthy) who has a heart of gold and looks like he's 25.  Molly goes goo-goo for him, much to the chagrin of her best friend Duckie who is secretly in love with Molly despite the fact that he's obviously gay.  Anyways, stuff happens...preppies vs. whatever the hell Molly and Duckie were, Molly's dad is too lazy to get a job, Duckie dances around like an idiot, James Spader acts like a cad, 80's music is played, Molly's older female friend has a million costume changes and so on.  It's a lot of fun and I've seen it many times but when you think about it Molly never had many dating choices.  It all came down to Duckie and the wimpy McCarthy who seemed to like her, but at the same time didn't really seem too sincere.

Oh well, it's no SIXTEEN CANDLES, but it's still an enjoyable mid-80's high school drama.  The fashions alone are worth checking it out.

Hey, it's ol' girl from PRIVATE RESORT!