Sunday, June 23, 2013


Small town doctor Kevin McCarthy rightfully thinks that something strange is going on in his peaceful little berg when people he's known his whole life start acting like peculiar and others tell him that their relatives are not their relatives.  McCarthy doesn't know quite what to think about this, but when his old flame comes back into town he puts all that on the back burner in order to get laid.

Unfortunately, his date is ruined when he receives a phone call from a friend telling him there's a clone sleeping on his pool table.  Naturally, most people would absolutely freak the fuck out at this point, but McCarthy takes it pretty well and just says keep and eye on the clone!  He still doesn't even freakout that hard when, later that same night, he finds a clone of his girlfriend in her basement!  What does it take to shake this guy?! 

That's just some of the many questionable things that happen in this film.  The idea of your fellow citizens being taken over by aliens is super scary, but when the main character's logic only promotes the takeover (and therefore pushing the movie forward) all of the tension goes right out the window.  Eventually McCarthy realizes what's going on but even then he just does a bunch of stupid shit that ends up getting people killed.

Despite the main actor's stupidity and the illogical way the pods made it to the earth I still enjoyed the movie.  Cheap gas prices, quick pace, interesting supporting cast including Sam Peckinpah and Morticia Addams, nice photography.  Interesting idea that doesn't pan out, but still a fun watch as long as you don't take it too seriously.

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