Thursday, July 4, 2013


Pretty straightforward retelling of the 1956 film except this time instead of a small town it's San Francisco.  Health inspector Donald Sutherland's co-worker tells him that her boyfriend is acting distant.  He doesn't think much of it until he starts noticing random people in his life acting distant.  Eventually he uncovers a plot by an aliens to take over humanity using seed pods to duplicate people.

Maybe back in the 70's this movie was exciting, but I was underwhelmed.  There's just not a lot going on.  At first Sutherland kinda senses something fishy going on, but then when shit finally pops off he just runs around, hides in his house then runs around some more.  He never really tries to escape the city or fight the aliens and then the movie is over.  Maybe I'm jaded by modern blockbusters but I was just hoping for more.  Not a bad film, just kinda blah.  That scream that Sutherland does though is legendary!

Original - Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)
Reboot 1 - Body Snatchers
Reboot 2 - The Invasion