Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Guaranteed to jack you up!  Awww, yeah!!!  Borrowing heavily from the INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS idea THE FACULTY is about a small group of teenagers who start to notice weird shit going on at their high school.  Turns out the faculty and most of their fellow students have been taken over by some outer space buttholes and if they don't stop 'em they're gonna take over the world!

As far as high school sci-fi horror movies go THE FACULTY isn't too bad.  If you saw it as a teen back in '98 you probably have a special affection for it, but even without that it still holds up alright.  The story is about as unoriginal as it gets, but the acting is good and it was a lot of fun seeing a young Elijah Wood gettin' all stressed out and chased by a multi-tentacled monster.  Poorly lit topless scene, nice pace, worms, blood, stereotypical high school cliques.  It ain't no CLASS OF 1999, but it's still a fun ride.