Tuesday, July 16, 2013


You might initially guess that WARM BODIES is just somebody jumping on the zombie bandwagon and maybe even ripping off the zombie/human love angle from BIOZOMBIE.  But it's not, WARM BODIES is actually a pretty sweet/clever little movie that has more to do with "Romeo and Juliet" than anything else.

Poor R is just a lonely misunderstood zombie who spends all of his time shuffling around the airport and hoarding vinyl records in his airplane/house.  Then one day while out eating humans he sees Julie and she's beautiful...and alive!  He smears her face with blood and hides her in his airplane.  There they bond and a little piece of him comes alive.  And I'm not just talking about his boner you perverts!  Gosh!

Corny as that sounds (and it is) it's still a fun movie if you're a romantic nerd like myself.  Brain eating, John Malkovich, small amount of zombie violence, good special effects, fun soundtrack, blood, not even scary in the least...actually this movie is probably even safe for kids.  Worth a rent at least.