Saturday, February 8, 2014


Like the love child of THE BOURNE IDENTITY and "Highway to Heaven" Jack Reacher is a tough as nails drifter with an almost angelic presence and strong sense of justice.  And if you don't like his sense of justice then he'll just beat or kill it into you.  After a ex-military dude is arrested for a sniper massacre he's beaten into a coma thanks to some crooked cops but not before he asks for Jack Reacher.  Preacher, I mean, Reacher shows up and the evidence looks pretty damning, but that doesn't mean anything when you have justice on your side.

Despite the cheesiness of the all knowing, super tough guy character I enjoyed JACK REACHER.  The fight scenes were awesome and well filmed, Werner Herzog played a interesting bad guy, the pace was quick, good acting by everybody and the angelic stuff was funny enough that it made you giggle but not roll your eyes.  Worth a watch.