Sunday, March 30, 2014


John Wayne and Stewart Granger (along with kid brother Fabian) strike it big in Alaska.  Now that they're rich Stewart sends Wayne back to Seattle to fetch his fiance.  Wayne goes, but soon learns that she's already married.  Nervous to go back to Alaska empty handed, he finds a French (Stewart's fiance was French) prostitute and persuades her into returning to Alaska with him...for Stewart, but naturally she's in love with the Duke.  Meanwhile, back in Alaska some lowdown claim jumpers are trying to get in on Wayne and Granger's gold strike.

NORTH TO ALASKA is one of my most watched John Wayne films.  What makes it so entertaining is how energetic everything is.  Right from the beginning it's non-stop yelling, screaming, fighting, shooting, furniture crashing, jumping and so on.  It never slows down for a minute.  Also the slow-burn romantic story between is Wayne and Capucine is really fun to watch.  I love the scene where she and Stewart are in the cabin alone and Wayne gets all pissed off.  It's too funny. 

Fun story, beautiful scenery (I don't think any of it was actually from Alaska though), great crowd scenes, title song sang by Johnny Horton, excellent pace, strong supporting cast including some funny dude who keeps sneezing during the final scene.  One of the funniest of Wayne's comedic films.  Highly recommended.