Sunday, March 2, 2014


After a series of unfortunate events the innocent Phillip Davidson is wrongly convicted of murder and sent to prison.  Twelve years later he's released with a bolder-sized chip on his shoulder and a desire to get even with those that wronged him.  Unfortunately he doesn't know the whereabouts or even the names of everybody involved with his betrayal.  Even worse, his ex-girlfriend, who lied at his trial, ended up marrying the inspector in charge of his case!

As far as old revenge thrillers go THE LONG MEMORY is just alright.  After 12 years you would hope that Davidson would either be completely insane or very calculating in his quest for revenge, but no this guy's clueless.  Instead of kicking ass he spends most of his time standing around looking confused or moping around looking sad.  Neither one is exciting for the viewer to watch.  Bland story, boring characters, nice photography and lighting, very low violence, yawn creating pace.  I didn't dislike TLM, but other than the British setting/actors there wasn't much to hold my attention.

You'd be better off watching something like 1948's ACT OF VIOLENCE.