Friday, April 18, 2014

HOT SHOTS! (1991)

Following in the footsteps of parody classics like AIRPLANE! and the NAKED GUN series comes HOT SHOTS! a parody spoof of TOP GUN and various military movies.  The story, if it even matters, is about a retired fighter pilot Topper Harley (Charlie Sheen) whose fighter pilot father died disgracefully during a mission and was responsible for his co-pilot's death.  These memories haunt Topper, so when the Navy recalls him for a special mission they also send him to get some therapy.  Topper falls in love with his sexy therapist and has a rivalry with another hot shot pilot who thinks Topper is bad for the team.

Being an old bastard I remember seeing this when it first came out on VHS and laughing my ass off.  Watching it again now two-hundred years later it's still funny.  Humor like this is pretty timeless, especially when you've seen the films that it's parodying.  Most of the jokes are physical or have to do with military films, but there's some other stuff thrown in there like the COOL AS ICE motorcycle flirting scene that had me cracking up. 

If you enjoy stuff like AIRPLANE!, then you know what to expect: nonstop jokes hitting you so fast you'll have to watch it multiple times just to catch them all.  The good thing is they're so funny you won't mind watching it again.

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