Tuesday, April 14, 2015

WOLF CREEK 2 (2013)

As you don't remember I was not a fan of Part 1.  I thought it was "slow as molasses".  Well...is Part 2 any better???  Kinda, a little, but not much.

Ol' Mick Taylor is still up to his old tricks.  Stalking and killing people in the Australian Outback.  Apparently there's absolutely nobody concerned about all of the dozens of people he's killed in the past (including two cops in the opening scene!) because he literally just drives around like a maniac crashing into everything, exploding a 18-wheeler and a Jeep, murdering kangaroos, killing an entire household, murdering tourists like it's going out of style and even maintaining some sort of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 underground lair with dead bodies littered all over the place!  It's insane.  But insane is good, if it's a highly entertaining movie.  WOLF CREEK 2 is not an highly entertaining movie.  It's simply more of the same shit from the first film.  There's even another scene where a victim gets the jump on Mick, smashes him on the head with a hammer...only to just stand there like a moron until Mick composes himself.

Mildly amusing at points (mainly in the middle of the film...the beginning and end are both weak), boring kills, a corpse getting his wiener cut off, zero tits, lots of funny facial expressions by John Jarratt, Final Guy instead of a Final Girl (you don't see that often...thank god), better looking production values and photography than in the first film.

Overall, it's a small (very small) step in the right direction.  Here's hoping that Part 3 will just be completely insane and way over the top.

Part 1 - Wolf Creek