Sunday, April 26, 2015


Oh my god.  It's been a few years since my last James Bond review and I had thought that I was ready to start them up again, but holy snail shit this movie was slow!  It took me four attempts to make it through the entire thing.  I am not a James Bond fan, but I had hopes when I started this endeavor that I would be persuaded otherwise.  That's not the case so far.

The story this time (featuring a new guy as Bond) is about a crime syndicate boss who offers Bond a million smackers to marry his daughter.  Suddenly, Bond is in the Swiss Alps going undercover at a allergy clinic that's actually a chemical warfare laboratory.  Then Telly Savalas drives by on a bobsled.  The End.

The running time was 142 and I felt every...single...minute.  This new Bond is bland and the exceedingly slow story gives him nothing to work with.  At one point, Bond is on the run from a bunch of dudes with machine guns.  He's skiing down a mountain with them shooting at him then he randomly meets the gangster's daughter in the middle of a festival so they drive through a car race (the bad guys are still shooting at him!), find a barn, make love(!!!) then continue running from the the bad guys who are still shooting at him!!!!!  Really???  I understand that the Bond series is not to be taken as reality, but c'mon!  Even worse is he didn't have any gadgets! 

I'm going to continue with the series, but Christ this entry really took it out of me.  Oh yeah...if you look quickly you'll see actual female nipples in this scene.  How did that get by the censors?!

Half a Thunderball out of five.

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