Saturday, July 11, 2015


In 1988 a Earth kid is kidnapped by aliens.  Twenty-six years later that kid, Star-Lord, is all grown up and dancing across a weird-looking alien planet while listening to his ancient Walkman.  He's grown up to be some kind of bizarre mixture of Marty McFly, Indiana Jones, Han Solo and whatever the hell Kevin Bacon's name was in FOOTLOOSE.  After getting his boogie on, he finds what he's looking for: a metal orb that looks like a larger version of Rosemary's necklace in ROSEMARY'S BABY.  Stuff happens and it ends up that an evil dude (who looks like if the bad guy from THE KEEP had joined a black metal band) wants the orb in order to use it as a weapon to kill like everybody.  Later on Star-Lord crosses paths with some other folks and they end up becoming friends.  Awww.

I've only seen a handful of these Marvel Cinematic Universe films (and I've only reviewed one: THOR), so I'm not a expert on if this movie was good or not from a comic book fan perspective, but from an entertainment perspective...I liked it.  Quick pace, impressive special effects, good acting, intriguing characters (I especially liked Drax).  That said, I can't ever see myself wanting to watch it again.