Wednesday, January 27, 2016

SINISTER 2 (2015)

Not a hundred percent sure why, but in Part 2 the evil Mr. Boogiebritches teams up with the friggin' Children of the Corn.  Or, at least, the ghosts of the Children of the Corn.

A mom, who is having marriage issues with her husband, moves, with her two children, into a secluded farmhouse that was the location of one of Mr. Boogie's family murders.  But this time instead of the parent finding the "home movies", the two twin boys are pestered by the ghosts of the children who murdered their families.  And I don't mean "pestered" in a scary way, but literally pestered non-stop like an annoying car salesman.  They're so relentless that Mr. Boogiepants can barely even get a word in edgewise and probably has less than two minutes screentime.  Also, the snuff films this time were totally lame.

After the mildly promising original film, I was looking forward to the sequel, but SINISTER 2 fails to move the story forward in a good direction.  Overly complicated story, zero scares, slow pace, weak kills, annoying ghost children, zero gore, zero nudity, dumb as fook ending.  Good acting by James Ransone who has "Cotton-Eyed Joe" as his ringtone, but other than that I'd just skip the entire thing and take a nap instead.

Part 1 - Sinister (2012)