Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Uhhhh, yeah.  I didn't care for this movie.  The story - random people who took a special type of LSD (Blue Sunshine) 10 years ago are now suddenly losing their hair before going on a murderous rampage - is a great idea for a film, but the execution is boring.

A dude is chilling at a party when another dude goes all Party Pooper level 1,000 and starts stuffing people into the fireplace.  Needless to say, the party is over and the original dude ends up fighting the other guy to the death and then running away.  Now on the run and blamed for four brutal murders, he starts investigating exactly why that dude suddenly went bonkers.  (If the police really wanted to catch him all they would have to do is tail his girlfriend, because he's constantly meeting her and another doctor friend of his.)  Anyway, the dude eventually learns about the LSD and how it's connected to a up-and-coming politician who used to be a drug dealer.  In my head, I was thinking the finale of the film would be the politician going ape shit during a big campaign rally and yanking off his hair on live TV before killing people in front of the whole world, but...no.  Instead, the real ending is so anti-climactic that I was actually surprised that that really was The End!  It was laughable.

Anyway, BLUE SUNSHINE is a interesting time capsule into late-70's low-budget horror, but honestly it was pretty boring. I'd love to see a violent and demented as fook remake. Somebody give me some cash and I'll write it.