Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Featuring at least 18 (by my count) cast members from PINK FLAMINGOS, FEMALE TROUBLE tells the entertaining story of Dawn Davenport (played by Divine).  When the film starts Dawn is in high school and desperately wants some "cha-cha heels" for Christmas.  When she doesn't get them she goes berserk and attacks her parents.  Even knocking the Christmas tree down on her mother.  She storms out of the house and is picked up by a seedy stranger (played by Divine not in drag).  They have loud sex on a mattress in the woods and she ends up pregnant.  She supports herself and her daughter (Mink Stole) by stealing.  Then one fateful day she meets the bizarre couple (Mary Vivian Pearce and David Lochary) that own the Lipstick Beauty Salon and her life changes forever.

FEMALE TROUBLE isn't as good as PINK FLAMINGOS but it's still a really fun film with lots of great performances.  Divine has the most outrageous screen presence, but Mink Stole was so hilarious she steals every scene she had with Divine.  Non-stop vulgar behavior, unattractive nudity I didn't even take screenshots of, lots of screaming, trampoline jumping, tons of flabby flesh on display, dismemberment, acid throwing, incest and a quick pace that never gives you time to be bored.  Recommended for fans of filth.