Tuesday, October 3, 2017

BASKIN (2015)

"Hell is not a place you go.  You carry Hell with you at all times."

As far as these type of "torture porn" movies go, I liked BASKIN.  There's not much of a story (Five Turkish cops have a really bad evening.), but yet, I enjoyed the surrealist feel of the whole thing.  The dream-like story structure, the impressive lighting and colours, the quality acting, the fucked up cult and the main bad guy...holy fuck!  That dude looks awesome!!!  Somebody needs to team him up with ol' boy from THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II and make some kind of insane buddy cop/surrealist gore film.

Back to BASKIN, I liked the fucked up story, but there wasn't enough gore or creepy shit going on.  The first half did a very good job of creating an uneasy feeling, but then, when we got to the full-blast torture stuff...it just wasn't enough.  I'm sure a lot of that had to do with the low budget, so, for what it is, BASKIN is definitely worth checking out for fans of such things.