Monday, February 29, 2016

MUTANT (1984)

Mildly entertaining early 80's horror movie about two brothers who are out enjoying a road trip when they're run off the road by some hillbillies and their car trashed.  Even worse than that, is the small town they're now stuck in is slowly being taken over by zombies.  Zombies that leak some kind of acidic, honey mustard-looking goo out of their hands!  On the plus side, the older brother hooks up with a hot blonde.

As far as zombie movies go, MUTANT is okay.  The pace moves along quickly with a passable body count, but the whole thing is just too by-the-book for my tastes.  It doesn't have that special personality to it that makes other lower-budget 80's horror films like THE ABOMINATION, THE NAIL GUN MASSACRE, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS or BLACK ROSES so awesome.  Although I did get a kick out of Wings Hauser's shorts, the boom mic reflection in the police car window, the blonde driving with her hand hovering over the steering wheel (she even turns a corner without moving the wheel), the obviously fake hand on that one zombie and the other zombie who trips and stumbles skull first into a wall. Ouch!

There is a slight charm to MUTANT and 80's horror fans will see that, but the charm will be lost on other less experienced viewers.