Sunday, May 23, 2010


[Review has spoilers, but since I doubt many people will ever get a chance to actually watch I went a little further with the plot description than I normally do.]

The beginning is a little weird with the dude laying naked in a bathtub playing with his own jizz, but once the story started it was better than I expected.

The main dude (I can't remember if he has a name or not) is lonely and longing for a girlfriend. He's a normal looking fellow, but he's awkward and whenever a chick tries to talk to him he starts talking about chickens and doing weird stuff, like acting like a chicken...that'll never get you laid! If they get over his strange behavior their pussy's gonna dry up quick when they get a gander at his art car Volkswagen Beetle that's covered with all kinds of bizarre crap including a mail box, a broken tube television, a globe and paintings of chickens.

One day he's had enough of not getting laid, so it paints his entire body green and drives out to the woods. He attacks a tree stump and then he hears a rooster crowing! Oh boy! He runs off to find the rooster and when he does he also finds a strange looking hippie/wilderness woman. They talk and climb a tree. Then he takes a bath to remove the green paint. He kisses the woman and they hear a gunshot and a bird screeching. The woman runs off and throws pine cones at the guy when he tries to approach her.

Saddened he returns to the city and while out in the street working on his strange car something special happens. The End.

That might sound kinda lame, but for only being 30 minutes long it never outstayed it's welcome. I doubt I'll watch it again, but it's worth watching at least once for those curious enough.  Might make an interesting low-budget double feature with EVEN HITLER HAD A GIRLFRIEND.

Sorry I couldn't post any screenshots (I only had a VHS copy), but here's a clip and a trailer for an art car documentary that Harrod Blank made which features the weird looking Beetle...