Monday, July 19, 2010


Marcus Templeton is a total loser. He's fat, has a shitty job as a night shift security guard and he's really lonely. His mind gets soft from the boredom and even though he can barely get an erection he's still obsessed with sex. At first he just watches a lot of porn and calls phone sex lines, then he gets into call girls and secretly videotaping them...and that's really about it. I wish more had happened, especially with the storyline about local serial killer (who looks like Marcus), but after it's mentioned a few times early on it just disappears.

I'm not sure if this is suppose to be a dark comedy or not, if it is then it's really dry. Pretty much 100% of the movie is Marcus sitting around in his underwear thinking about sex and how shitty his life is. There is a humorous reoccurring joke about him seeing scumbags and inanimate objects with girlfriends: a movie about a telepathic brain with a female lover, some creepy film about a chick making out with a skeleton and of course a photo of Hitler with Eva.

Tons of topless chicks. If you can find a copy for cheap then it's worth checking out.   An interesting low-budget artifact from the early 90's.

Part 2 - The Hitler Tapes