Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hmmmm...I've heard about this movie for years and have read dozens of reviews online talking about this being the funniest shit since sliced bread, but it left me wishing for something better.

A rich gaming tycoon dies and leaves his $200M fortune to a small group of family, employees and a mentally retarded taxi driver. But there's a catch! There's a scavenger hunt and whoever can collect the most points (items are worth points) on the list gets the entire $200M! Losers gets nothing. Naturally everybody goes apeshit and quickly divides into small groups and go off looking for items.

The remainder of the movie is pretty much like a live action cartoon with reality and bodily harm thrown out the window. It sounds like an excellent idea for a movie, but all of the jokes were lame and too drawn out. Example: the retard taxi driver needs to steal the grill of a Rolls Royce so when he sees one (of course does the ol' double take routine) he hides a screwdriver in a banana, then he observes a con man faking an injury and decides that he will fake an injury also, then the woman goes back in the store then he get hit by a different car then the woman comes out but she drives the other direction and he gets run over by yet another car. The entire bit took over 4 minutes and the viewer can see the punchline 10 seconds into the bit. It was unimaginative and weak just like all of the other jokes in this movie.

Maybe this shit was funny to coked out movie audiences back in 1979, but I found it boring. The idea was great though and I'd love to see a remake by somebody with somebody with talent like Broken Lizard.
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