Sunday, July 25, 2010


The original wasn't anything special so as far as slasher remakes go, SORORITY ROW is about as lame as would be expected. It's still light years better than that shitty Michael Bay FRIDAY THE 13TH remake though, but then again falling down a flight of stairs teeth first would be more enjoyable than that boring piece of shit.

A group of six annoying stuck up bitches (the killer couldn't kill them fast enough to suit me) pull a prank at a party and girl ends up dead. A few months later a mysterious killer shows up and starts killing people with a "pimped out" tire iron. Good grief. There's around 10 killings and they average from the stab through the wall method all the way to flare gun to the face. Yawn. The killer wears a graduation outfit. Stupid. There's only a few quick flashes of nudity and none of it by anybody attractive, not saying that the main chick were attractive cause they weren't.

If you've already done everything that you've ever wanted to do in your life and now you're just sitting around waiting for death then I'd say watch this movie, but if not then skip it.