Tuesday, December 7, 2010

28 DAYS LATER... (2002)

28% action. 90% talking. 2% me yawning loudly.

Some dickneck who looks like a caveman wakes up in the hospital ("Day of the Triffids"-style) 28 days after an virus of Rage breaks out. Rage makes people act like it's 6 AM on Black Friday all the fucking time! Dickneck crawls out of bed and wanders around for a long time. Finally some of the infected attack him, but he's saved by two other survivors. Stuff happens, but most of it's talking.

I was not a fan of this movie. Fanboys seem to love it and rub their crotches furiously at the mere mention of it's holy name, but I found the entire thing to look low-budget and way too overstylized with the grainy film and the sped up frame rate(?) when the infected were onscreen. I didn't hate the movie, just found it boring and average. It's not until the very end of the movie that there's an action scene that last for longer than just a few seconds! Everything up until that point was just some asshole twitching and screaming then getting killed. Hell the remake of THE CRAZIES had more action!

There's really no reason explaining why I thought this movie was weak, since if you're not blindly with the fanboys you're against them, but during this movie I never felt any of the claustrophobia or complete sense of isolation and doom like I did with the original DAWN OF THE DEAD or Brian Keene's "The Rising" books.

Worth watching, but it's nothing to write home about that's for sure. Moderate low-budget violence, some blood, GY!BE on the soundtrack, zero doom, zero tits, zero logic (if the infection is caused by bodily fluid transference then I'd damn sure be wearing safety glasses and a mouth cover at all fucking times), happy music, people laughing, purposely grainy picture, towards the end there was glimpses of the violence I had wanted to see but even then it cut away too soon.

Part 2

 Person middle of screen walking away on sidewalk.

 Human on left side throwing trash bag into dumpster.

 Cameraman extremely visible over to right.

 Dead body at lower left clearly breathing.