Wednesday, January 12, 2011


MILLION DOLLAR DUCK was kinda funny in a innocent, early 70's kind of way. I was actually shocked though at the amount of legendary supporting actors, especially the brief appearance of Happyotter favorite Arthur Hunnicutt!

Disney regular Dean Jones is a college professor short on money (his dingbat wife, played by Sandy Duncan, doesn't help at all) when one day one of his research ducks escapes the lab and ends up in the radiology department and gets radiated all to hell and back. The radiation in combination with the wife's shitty apple sauce is too much for the duck's digestive system to take so it suddenly starts pooping out golden eggs! They must have been smoking some good shit over at Disney back in the 70's!

Dean recruits the help of pre-Woody Allen Tony Roberts and they start selling the golden eggs. Soon the IRS gets wind of the duck and want it for themselves and they'll stop at nothing to get it! Even if it means chasing a dune buggy all over town!

MILLION DOLLAR DUCK isn't a high point in cinematic history (reportedly film critic Gene Siskel actually walked out on this movie...what a pussy!!!! Good thing he never saw AX'EM or he would have killed himself in the theater with a pencil), but I thought it was watchable and even chuckled a few times at that wacky duck and all his quacking and feather ruffling. Kids nowadays will hate it, but who really cares what kids like?
Edward Andrews.

Frank Cady.

It's Jack Lemmon's neighbor in THE APARTMENT.

Arthur Hunnicutt.