Wednesday, May 12, 2021

SAW II (2005)

"There will be blood."

Now this is how you make a sequel! Expanding greatly on the events from the first film, SAW II quickly gets into the story with homicide detective Donnie Wahlberg being called in to investigate a brand new Jigsaw murder. Things go sideways and before you know it, Wahlberg himself is in one of Jigsaw’s traps! Eeeeeeeeee! That’s exciting, but the main focus of the film is the “Nerve Gas House”. Jigsaw has trapped eight people in a rundown old house and pumped in some Will Smith music, I mean, nerve gas that will kill them all within two hours. Hidden throughout the house are antidotes for the poison. Things quickly get crunk.

I like all of the SAW sequels (none of them are bad), but I do think that 2 is one of the better ones.  Mild amount of blood, above average cast who all turn in strong performances (Franky G especially), a random Wes Craven reference, Shawnee Smith with a bigger role, good pace, a few moments of hyperediting, great musical score, good lighting, interesting use of colours, Jigsaw once again trying to convince people that it's a good thing to be alive (tell that to the zero people who like me being alive), an enjoyable amount of twists and turns, some cool old electronic equipment, a slight improvement in the kill traps from the first film, zero sex (I don't think there was any sex even implied in any of the Saw movies), a steady diet of violence and, of course, the highlight of the movie...the needle pit!

SAW II is an impressive horror sequel that's totally worth watching.  Intelligent and well executed with some fun moments.  And, when you look at the depressing state of affairs in the horror movie world back in ye olde 2005, it's even more impressive.  Check it out.

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