Monday, January 3, 2011


Before Tim Burton made it big and long before Adult Swim there was TERRORVISION, the almost live action cartoon story of two married swingers who just want is a nice quiet evening of fucking strangers. But noooo! That's can't happen cause son Sherman wants to watch monster movies, Grandpa is going on about End of Days survivalist bullshit, new waver daughter Suzy has brought over her metalhead boyfriend O.D. (played by King Vidiot himself!!!) and to top it all off a flesh-eating mutated dog creature from outer space has invaded their house through the new satellite dish! Now the orgy guest are getting eaten and everybody's knocking on the door! The TV repair guy, the cops, even the late night horror host with massive tits and the Medusa wig. It's insanity! Pure 80's insanity.

I have no idea if this movie made any money or if anybody else besides me even likes it, but it's wildly imaginative, very well made and deserves to be better known than it is. I love every minute of it. TERRORVISION stands strong alongside other classic silly comedies of the 80's like SURF II or JOYSTICKS. Don't be totally rude, check it out!