Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WASP (2003)

Coming in at only a deceiving 26 minutes WASP packs a sizable punch. Single mother of four (!!!) Zoe is a shitty mother and shouldn't even be given control of a fucking goldfish, but yet she has four little children all to her own. But that ain't going to stop her from having a good time. The film opens with Zoe dragging her brood alone while she fights another woman. After the fight runs into a old friend and he (unknowing of her children) asks her to meet him at a bar later. She agrees even though she doesn't have a babysitter. No problem she just brings the kids along and dumps them off in the parking lot. The rest of the film is what happens to the children in the parking lot.

The is Andrea Arnold's third short film. All three of her short films are well made, but there is a clear improvement with each one. MILK and DOG were both very good, but WASP is excellent. The only real complaint I have is it's a short film. I would love to see a full-length version of this story.

WASP is available as an extra on the FISH TANK Blu-Ray, which you should already own and watch repeatedly. If not, then you are probably a cunt face.