Wednesday, July 13, 2011


As you don't remember I loved the original PUBLIC ENEMY and absolutely hated the second one. So. What's the verdict on Part 3? It's just so-so.

On the positive side Kang Cheol-jung is back to being a homicide detective as opposed the boring public prosecutor he played the Part 2. Also the villain (Jae-yeong Jeong) in this ones pretty good, but there's not enough action and it's way too long! The thing I loved about the original was Officer Cheol-jung was so goddamn fucked up he literally skirted the line between police officer and gangster. The method he used to catch criminals were highly illegal and he had zero manners (he even took a shit on the sidewalk at one point). This time around he has an reputation of being a loose cannon, but he's really not that bad.

I really, really wanted this movie to be as awesome as the original, but it's not. Maybe worth a rental, but probably not.