Monday, July 4, 2011

SALEM'S LOT (1979)

[Update 6/11/18: I really need to update this review.]

Can evil dwell in a house and even call other evil-minded individuals to come live in it and do naughty things? Well, the townsfolk of Jerusalem's Lot are about to find out because the creepy old Marsten House has some new occupants. The house has been abandoned for years, but the last owner was a mass-murdering asshole who eventually killed his own wife and then hung himself, but the new owner is even worse: he's a goddamn vampire! Yikes!

At the same time a writer, who grew up in 'Salem's Lot and even had a bad experience at the Marsten House as a child, has returned to write a book about the house. He meets an old teacher and even starts romancing a young lady, but his courtin' days are cut short when numerous locals start turning up dead and their corpses disappearing.

Enjoyable (for a TV movie) adaptation of Stephen King's excellent novel, but it's not all that great. The biggest problem is the main vampire dude just doesn't have enough screen time and I could never get over the made-for-TV feel of the movie. The whole thing came off as cheap and watered-down. Still this version is definitely watchable, but the ending is pretty lame...especially that tacked on horseshit in Mexico. WTF?

It was really cool seeing Elisha Cook Jr and Marie Windsor in the same movie again. I just wish they had some scenes together.

2004 version

Crew member visible in mirror.