Wednesday, July 13, 2011


[Update 5/7/17: Bought a new copy of this movie. Going to redo this review soon.]

Old man Lester Bacon used to own a big slaughterhouse, but he refused to "mechanize" and was eventually run out of business. The owners of the new improved slaughterhouse down the road want to buy his land, but old man Bacon ain't sellin' cause he's as crazy a shithouse rat and him and his big, fat retarded boy, Buddy Bacon, are gonna fix those fancy shit talkers but good and maybe even anybody else who happens onto their land. Especially those fucking dorky 30 year-old teenagers that keep creepin around filming a horror movie.

For a low-budget TCM rip-off SLAUGHTERHOUSE ain't that bad. The story is passable and the "teenagers" are entertaining with their horrible acting and funny 80's clothes. The biggest problem is the complete lack of gore. Yea, there's some blood splattered here and there, but other than that this movie is completely gore free. Also there's zero nudity.

An entertaining watch, but forgettable. Double feature it with the hilarious CARVER.